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Free and Almost Free Books » Those In Peril (The Hector Cross Novels)

Hazel Bannock is the owner of the Bannock Oil Corp, one of the major global oil producers. While cruising in the…

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The ‘whodunnit’ formula: scientists unlock secrets of Agatha Christie novels – Western Morning News

Experts have revealed the secrets to working out “whodunnit” in the novels of celebrated Westcountry crime writer Agatha Christie.

Scientists studied 27 of the Devon-born author’s mystery…

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Science Fiction | AuthorPins

*The Best Reads… #ScienceFiction #Novels at AuthorPins – #Read #Book

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Richard Friedman’s Writing Process Blog Tour

1. What am I working on now?
The Two Worlds of Billy Callahan. 12 year-old Billy inadvertently connects to an ancient “Orb”, left on Earth millions of years ago by a previous civilization that colonized the planet.

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Optimizing Amazon’s Free Kindle Textbook Creator Publishing Tool

Excellent review and resource for science fiction authors!


KTC Trig


Amazon’s new free tool, the Kindle Textbook Creator, is very convenient for e-textbooks and other e-books with rich formatting and complex layouts.

(Illustrated children’s e-books work better with another free tool, the Kindle Kids’ Book Creator, and comic books work best with the free Kindle Comic Creator. However, books that primarily consist of paragraphs of text, such as novels, function best as a simple conversion following Amazon’s free guide, Building Your Book for Kindle.)

I recently published my trigonometry book, Learn or Review Trigonometry: Essential Skills, using the Kindle Textbook Creator.

I did more than simply upload my print PDF to the Kindle Textbook Creator. I spent a little time modifying my file in order to optimize it for the Kindle Textbook Creator. Later in this article, I will show you exactly how I did this.

If you would like to see an…

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Samuel R. Delany Gives A Very Long Answer to a Very Open Question

In Part 1 of my interview with Samuel R. Delany, I ended the interview with an invitation to address a topic of his interest, rather than mine. The result was an answer that was longer than the entire rest of the interview, one that I felt was insightful and revealing; so much so, that I and the editors of SF Signal decided to present it on it’s own, as Part 2 of our interview with our loquacious Grandmaster. At the end of Part 1 Mr. Delany states “I think, by now, I’ve suggested some answers.” Here now are more answers to that pesky, problematic question that I used to end the interview.

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The Alex Cave Series

Thanks to author James Corkill for introducing his Alex Cave series to us. He states:
I would like to tell you a little bit about my eco-fiction stories.

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Classic novels, in 140 characters – IOL SciTech

So you’ve always fancied writing a novel, but you’re not sure if it would be publishable? And you aren’t prepared to spend a year or two working out the plot and baring your soul in 100,000 words if the resulting book isn’t going to reach an audience? Well, now there’s a speedy, super-modern way to test the water and see if your proposed masterpiece will pass muster with the people who make the decisions: tweet them a pitch.

No, it’s true. Curtis Brown, the distinguished and venerable literary agency, along with another agency, Conville & Walsh, has started an “online project”

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Could Pulp Novels Be Hollywood’s Next Comic Books? – Den of Geek!

With the studios running out of comic books to adapt, some are turning to paperback series in hopes of finding the new franchise.

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